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1. Since January 2020, we support TRIFLEX business in Thailand.

TRIFLEX is the liquid applied waterproofing specialist.
Tested on building sites over 40 years, adhesion to over 1,400 tested substrates, countless areas of application, exceptionally reliable, extremely durable and waterproof to the smallest detail: it's no coincidence that Triflex ProDetail is the number 1 waterproofing solution. Extremely waterproof to the smallest detail.
Whether you’re dealing with roof penetrations, columns, ventilation pipes, joint details or special structures, the flexible material together with the fleece reinforcement ensures seamless and joint less waterproofing.

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How to waterproof metal roofs
How to waterproof metal roofs, Thai version
How to waterproof for green roofs
How to waterproof for green roofs, Thai version
How to waterproof concrete roofs
How to waterproof concrete roofs, Thai version
Why quality counts in waterproofing
Why quality counts in waterproofing, Thai version
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2. We promote interesting topics in SECRETS

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See the video: https://youtu.be/tQtIlirCA9I

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