Ultimate fitness concept for
a strong and healthy body



Do you want to overcome obesity and get a dream body?

Then follow the programs of Scott, who is described as in the 6° degree of flow e-book as follows: >>Though doctors and teachers claimed he would "never amount to anything academically or athletically," Scott overcame childhood obesity, learning disabilities, and joint disease, to be named by Men's Fitness Magazine as one of the top trainers in the world, and by Black Belt Magazine as one of the most influential martial artists of the century.

Due to poor nutrition, improper conditioning and rapid aging, others now suffer pain similar to what Scott was forced to overcome. Though his programs were originally designed to prevent accelerating aging of joint and connective tissues, they now give people of even Scott's genetic challenges, access to the physical and psychological mastery which can only be described as "flow"  and not merely functional fitness.<<

What makes his fitness concepts unique?

Scott calls his method “Tactical Fitness” and explains it with his words as follows: >> Functional training focuses on the ability to move effectively through all ranges of motion, and so the purpose of “functional fitness” is to effectively restore and strengthen three-dimensional (tri-planar) movement. Tactical fitness, however, emphasizes the ability to efficiently transition between and improvise solutions to physical challenges when confronted.

These are complementary but distinct objectives.  An effective tactical training program must begin with basic movements that carry through all maximum ranges of motion. It then progresses to “compound” movements which combine two skills, and finally “complex” movements which combine three or more skills. This process then starts over with the basic movements: increasing strength. <<

Why I recommend it?

I tried his TacFit bodyweight as well as the flow and kettlebell/sandbag exercises, and was amazed by the results. It’s challenging and you definitely need to leave your comfort zone, but the award is a strong, muscular, healthy and pain free body.

It’s just a bit more than doing all these standard exercises, may it be bodyweight or weight training. Scott’s system is something special and good to learn due to its step by step progress, starting as the recruit, proceeding to the grunt and ending at the commando level. It places your highest premium on power, strength, endurance, stamina and physique.




Flow like the water