How to lose man boobs naturally



Do you want a masculine and attractive chest?

This is what the author says: “The reason man boobs are on the rise is the same reason female breast cancer (male breast cancer too!) rates are shooting up. We are being exposed to dangerous levels of estrogen in our daily lives and no government that I know of has decided to take a stance against it.

It's simple! Avoid as much of the estrogen around you as is humanly possible. And unfortunately this involves exercise. Yup, I'm afraid it's true. Fat cells contain the enzyme aromatase, which converts the male hormone testosterone into the female hormone estrogen. Therefore, get rid of as much fat as possible from your body.”


What makes his fitness concepts unique?

This is much more than just a fitness book. This is plain science that explains the cause of man boobs and how to get rid of them. It’s based on proven science and it works!


Why I recommend it?

I have tested many programs for chest development, but in my opinion, this is the best one. It explains the issue to the deepest details and provides exact solutions that you can follow easily.

You will understand the truth about muscle growing, why heavy lifting is not the solution, and why too much cardio is bad for losing man boobs. I adapted my entire fitness program to the knowledge that I found in this program. It has a very affordable price and will help you quickly to get a masculine chest.


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