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We call ourselves Punchy Edge, because we believe that business should be simple, big and PUNCHY.

We would like to join your team in order to represent your interests in ASEAN while based in Thailand.

Ideen Konzepte Inhalte
Without knowing the local culture, any venture may quickly become an adventure. If the supplier or his assignees do not know the mindset of the locals, there will be problems with communication and according to experience, both partners will quickly lose any desire for cooperation. Without a coordinator knowing the local culture, it will not work - "Out of sight, out of mind!" We can compensate, because:
  • We have many years of experience in sales, marketing, business set-up and development
  • AND in addition, we have also many years of experience with local cultures in the ASEAN region

That’s why we can bridge the gap and that’s how it works best:

  • You, the SUPPLIER from abroad provides products, training, and product guarantee
  • The local partner does marketing, sales, and maintenance towards the end user
  • We safeguard the supplier’s interest on-site and - most important - support the ongoing business
Your benefits:
  • Immediate market access with the right partner
  • Being in control through our services
  • Start with limited obligations and no costs for company set up, office, etc.


Short notice about legal business activities in Thailand:

You can export products to Thailand, but the import and distribution must be done through local partners. E.g., employing a Thai as an employee or self-employed worker for sales by a foreign company in Thailand is illegal as well as the provision of "payroll services" (salary payment for employees in Thailand). To safeguard your interests, you can assign an employee, but who needs then to be legally employed with the local partner company.
Therefore, the best way is that we find the right local partner company for you and then continue consulting in order to develop the business optimally.
Starting a company in Thailand, foreign companies can hold 49% of the shares, unless they meet the BOI (Board of Investment) criteria for a 100% ownership of the shares. Finally, a Rep Office is a good option to show presence in the country, but it is not allowed to generate turnover.