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Punchy Edge provides business coordination in ASEAN

Our company's vision is ...
  • to share all our experience in order to provide support for
    Thais doing business with Westerners and for
    Westerners doing business in Thailand
  • to "bridge the gap” and contribute missing know-how
    exactly where it is needed to get the job done
Our motto is:
  • Don’t only work hard, but work smart and
  • Business should be simple, big and punchy
Thailand is our home since 1997.
ASEAN Robert Vogel, Managing director
  • Bachelor degree in Electrical
    Engineering at  the Technical University
    Regensburg, Germany
  • German native speaker
  • Excellent in English
  • Good command of Thai
14 years with Siemens (Nixdorf) AG:
- Project engineering
- Direct sales
- Partner management
- Business development

Managing director of Punchy Edge Ltd. since 2005